Turn Old Bottles Into iPhone Cases With This 3-D Printer From And Coca-Cola

You probably know best as founder and frontman of hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. But in the past three years, when he’s not singing about lovely lady lumps, he has been busy as Chief Creative Officer of U.S. manufacturer 3D Systems, designing a 3-D printer that aims to help reduce plastic waste.

His Ekocycle Cube 3-D Printer—designed by 3D Systems for home use and developed in collaboration with Coca-Cola—turns recycled plastic bottles into anything from guitar picks to iPhone cases.

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Kickstarter - FAIRMOUNT LIVING TILES, a flat-packed, green solution to bringing more plant life to urban settings.

Fairmount is a modular green roof system that allows easy install and requires low maintenance. The benefits of our green roof system include alleviating the urban heat index, neutralized carbon emissions, and beautification of urban environments! - Connor White

My good friend Connor over at SHIFT_DESIGN has told me about this great eco Kickstarter they’ve just launched to utilize existing urban areas and turn them into plant growing space. Check out their Kickstarter video, read more about it, and consider making a pledge and helping to spread this around!